3D Printed Guns

3D Printed Guns

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3D printers have been making headlines over the past couple of years. As 3D printing technology has evolves, prices have continued to decline and consumer grade versions can be bought for under $1000. Early adopters enthusiasts have been experimenting with different designs and can even share there unique diagrams with others on sites such as Thingiverse. These hobbyists started off with relatively simple designs such as coat hangers and other knickknacks. But things are moving ahead at a rapid pace in this information age and naturally the limits of what is possible, and permissible, are going to be tested.

Now comes one such story of a man named Cody Wilson, a 24 year old University of Texas Law student, who is spearheading a project to use 3D printing technology to produce firearms. Not only that, but he wants to share the plans online, meaning anyone could replicate the designs to print their own guns.

This raises many issues and concerns on both sides of the gun control debate.

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5.75/10 (8 votes)

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36 responses to “3D Printed Guns”

  1. Dick Mars says:

    a very interesting topic, where all the possibilities need to be considered. You could 3d print yourself a steak knife, or a pipe wrench which could then be used for good or for evil…. And a determined criminal will access firearms one way or another, whether he buys them, or steals them or makes them himself. But banning weapons will certainly leave honest people unprotected

    • tobias nilsson says:

      BUT..with this opportunity, and in general with looser weapon restrictions, people and criminals who are NOT determined can more easily get their hands on a gun. Guns they might not have gotten otherwise. It’s simple…harder to get guns = fewer criminals with guns = less crimes with guns.

      • Dick Mars says:

        I’d rather see innocent people able to protect themselves against armed criminals, instead of cowering in fear waiting for someone to come rescue them. And why should someone else have to? Defend YOURSELF

        • random says:

          in the U.K. We dont have have problems with mass massacare, simply because guns are illegal, except to the milltary, I believe a total of 14 ppl were killed due to guns as opposed to rougar. (but i suppose this doesn’t tie in with the millitary budget).hly 1200 ppl per year in the U.S. just make guns illegal, and at least you can drop this rate to 14 per 60 million ppl, so inn the U.S around 56 per year. (but i suppose this doesn’t tie in with the millitary budget of 708 billion dollars).

          • random says:

            wtf, why has my post been messed up?

            in the U.K. We dont have have problems with mass massacare, simply
            because guns are illegal, except to the milltary, I believe a total of
            14 ppl were killed due to guns as opposed to roughly 1200 ppl per year in the U.S. just make guns illegal, and at least
            you can drop this rate to 14 per 60 million ppl, so inn the U.S around
            56 per year. (but i suppose this doesn’t tie in with the millitary
            budget of 708 billion dollars).

            • Joe Tsa says:

              We have a little something called freedom here in the US. We, as people can feel as if we have some power, thanks to firearms. 99.9% of gun owners in the US are responsible people, we cant let the few insane people ruin it for the entire country.

              • Kacem Khilaji says:

                Yeah; where I come from we all walk around with pocket-sized batrachotoxin canisters. I feel very safe with my canister, especially knowing that every other person I meet also carries one.

                It’s a very healthy social environment, you’d be surprised!

                • James Johnson says:

                  I hope that you get your order right, no telling when one of you will have a bad day eh?

              • James Johnson says:

                Hence JOE, making it harder to get guns when your insane makes sense. So what are you afraid of? Why are responsible gun owners worried? They don’t have anything to worry about then case closed. You are of the same mindset as those trying to establish stricter gun laws.

        • James Johnson says:

          And please gun owners don’t put signs on your fences saying you do not call 911 or forget the dog beware of armed owner. This displays stupidity on another level. Criminals get most of their guns from gun owners homes. When you display a sign you say hey criminal I’m at work, break into my home and steal my guns. DUH. The more guns in circulation the more possibility of crimes being permitted by the increase of the availability of those guns. Guns don’t kill people, but people with easy access to guns do kill. SO what to do? DUH.

    • James Johnson says:

      Or my friend our elderly whose minds are at the mercy of time itself which is unmerciful, we could have angry old people paranoia running rampant like my father who owns his own arsenal and is a danger to society. Let me explain.
      He says if he is ever rear ended in an accident and someone damages his beloved truck he will make sure they never are able to drive again by shooting them in the head.
      Another time a noise emitted in our cul-de-sac and his response was to get his 45 and held it out in front of him swat like in case someone deliberately made the noise. I was aghast and asked my mother to tell him to take his toys back into the house before he harms someone or himself.
      Another time he expressed great fear of traveling through San Francisco because of all the gays and lesbians. He doesn’t want to be attacked by them and not be prepared. He showed me a locked and loaded weapon his 45. I am speechless with this brand of ignorance.
      Imagine the USA as the wild west. Where one cannot determine good from bad. I mean look at the republican voters they cannot tell good from bad right now. I say you don’t need an assault rifle to mow down one burglar. And you certainly don’t need an assault rifle to take down a brigade of dangerous deer. And you do not need to arm yourself to buy a toilet from Home Depot.

  2. Daniel, Boston, MA says:

    If you have access and knowledge of machine shop technologies, you can conceivably come up with a machine gun … lathes and grinders have been around for decades and decades … this poor example of a thinking human is so obsessed with making his name be in the limelight, he has not thought through his personal mission statement, he is a bad interview. The other poor excuse for a human calls firearms a tool in an era where we do not need or have the time to go hunt our next meal or be worried about the Soviets coming to take over this territory … I was a kooky thinker when I was in College, too … the difference was, my aspirations were to clean the planet, in all senses of the concept, not how can I make me a household persona via controversy which will eventually cause destruction of life and pain …

  3. Stephen Perth says:

    The technolgy could print a steak knife or pipe wrench, both of which would not cut steak or wrench a pipe. When will we have a 3d printer that will print a lifle barrel or breach block, both through printer resolution or materials inadequencies well… not in the forseable future what a crap “ducumentry’ I agree with Daniel this guy is a tool!

    • disqus_KaGdwj0Fv8 says:

      well, your aware they are using a very low end 3d printer and you can already print every piece of a firearm in a metal printer that can print in aluminum and titanium, this printer costs 1200 btw.

  4. Ultimecius Banhammer says:

    Can’t wait dude, so many guns. >:D

  5. Antonio O'Connell says:

    A steak Knife is for eating steak, a Pipe wrench is a plumbing tool and a gun is for killing PEOPLE BIG F*CKING DIFFERENCE!!!!

    • Hello says:

      In the hands of the wrong person, yeah…a gun is for killing people. In AN HONEST, LAW ABIDING citizens hands, it is for defense against thugs….BIG F’N Difference!

      • Spam Tester says:

        “Defense against thugs” No, that is what non-lethal weapons are for.

        Guns are used for killing people.
        Whether or not that is in “defense against thugs” or not is irrelevant. It doesn’t change the fact guns are for killing people, in ANYONE’s hands.

        A gun in the hands of a good guy, is still designed to kill people.

        • disqus_KaGdwj0Fv8 says:

          Or as a deterrent, the idea behind the 2nd amendment was to protect the citizens from their own gov, not thugs on the street. It is a means for individuals to apply a degree of military pressure on their gov without having to resort to violent actions directly. Tho, it seems we are approaching a time in our nation when these firearms may be pointed at and fired at our own government once again. A nuke is designed to kill millions yet we don’t use them very often because of the repercussions in doing so, in a way, the idea of mutual destruction has been in use long before the cold war as a means of deterring armed confrontation.

          • Yackob says:

            the thing between a nuke and guns in America is,, that you DO use the guns… despite the repercussions.

            • disqus_KaGdwj0Fv8 says:

              ? Is my history of the US bad or something because I could of sworn we used nukes not once but twice in a aggressive manner….. despite the repercussions. The Idea of America is that the government is subservient to the individual so more power is vested with said individuals. The individual liberty we used to recoginise is what made my nation great and being able to defend yourself against violent action is one of the most important aspects of living in a free society.

            • James Johnson says:

              How many people did the nukes kill?
              How many Americans are killed by guns since WW2.

    • Dick Mars says:

      guns don’t kill people – people kill people. When the victim is unarmed, its that much easier

  6. hugh jazz says:

    I want to print myself somebetter boobs..

  7. al says:

    gun freaks>your not helping humans at all!

  8. bobpulice says:

    Historically, all of manufacturing horribly hauled and some disappeared, to make munition weapons. These dudes seem to pretend to tag along, just behind, the 3-D printing wagon when in fact they still stick out like sore tongues at the gym.

  9. Dick Mars says:

    The bad guys are already armed to the teeth – time to even things up

  10. Richie PittsburghMusic says:

    No one wants to be a slave. The criminal sell-out government is trying to take everything and make us work harder and keep very little. This country has killed more people than any other country in the world. It is wise to be armed so that the evil people in the government and the global mafia does not destroy this place. Only with guns people listen up. Obama is not the real president and well all know it. He’s just a puppet and employee of greedy international corporations just like many others in the wicked city Washington D.C.

  11. Richie PittsburghMusic says:

    Hopefully I can get a printer before Agenda 21 is is fully put into action. America is over. I can see it. The politicians and corporate owners are all sell-outs and should be arrested.

    • James Johnson says:

      The warmongering America is hopefully over. A new America built up of progressive and intelligence scares most of you old establishment. Do not be afraid, there will be no dark falling upon the land. War is hell why would Christians support war?

  12. greektrader says:

    If someone wants to have a dangerous item, or an item for evil use, you can not stop him. But if he wants to provide the public with details (or ideas) on how to do it, then this is definitely going to be a very serious problem.

  13. Ned says:

    Governments/Military kill more people than anyone else. (even their own) Guns protect as well as kill.

    • James Johnson says:

      Sorry your facts do not add up. Americans own worst enemies are themselves and their gun culture.

  14. Naveen Sreedevan says:

    14:00 goldman sachs! absolut
    ly! of course

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