4th and Goal

4th and Goal

How Will You Be Remembered?

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There are over one million high school football players. About 60,000 of them will go on to play in college in the hopes of making it to the NFL, but less than 1,700 of them will be given that opportunity.

A lot of the young athletes at City College of San Francisco are much better at sports than academics; still, they are required to keep their grades up. Some experts and recruiters believe that CCSF has one of the best football programs in the country. Many of the athletes come from dysfunctional families and they have a lot of unresolved emotional issues. The CCSF Rams coach makes sure they not only excel as athletes, but that they also learn values, accountability, and personal responsibility, and get a college degree while doing it.

George Rush became head coach of the CCSF Rams in 1977 and he served for 38 seasons before retiring in 2015. He knew for a fact that when athletes see that their coach has a fundamental interest in them outside of the game, they perform better. His players always saw each other as brothers with George Rush as the father.

This film follows the lives of six amazing young CCSF Rams players with a passion for the game. DeQawn Mobley is the wide receiver and is committed to achieving all his goals. He grew up in what is considered the poorest district in the nation. Albert grew up with a very strict dad who was also his coach. When he was in school his teachers told him that he wouldn’t amount to much. Gibril Wilson was born in Sierra Leone and was sent to the United States to study. While in high school he became the number one defensive player in the entire region.

Randy, the linebacker, is as determined as they come. He has a lot of football players in his family and his fondest childhood memories include walking with his dad to and from the stadium talking about the game and about life.

Tim Brown has a very supportive family that travels to every single one of his games. His father encouraged him to never settle because there was always going to be someone else who was working hard to take his place.

Bret Jones moved with his military father and stepmother nine times before he finished high school. He was always involved in sports and has many trophies to show for it.

The documentary sees these young men through the 2003 championship season all the way to the nation’s top D1 collegiate teams and on to their encounters in the world of professional football. They each had to face their share of difficulties as they grew up and matured as athletes. Real life tried to knock them down more than once, but time and again they proved their naysayers wrong. Watch this inspirational film now.

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Rating: 6.3/10 based on 6 votes

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