6 (and a half) Secrets of Love

6 (and a half) Secrets of Love

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Although it’s a word that gets thrown around a lot every few seconds, the definition of love can vary widely. What’s certain is that love comes in many different forms and it goes through different stages. Also true is the fact that romantic love is the most potent of all, but what is love, really? Is it a feeling, a goose bump, an experience, a lifestyle? Join two of the world’s most iconic therapists; John Gray, author of ‘Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus’ and Pat Allen author of ‘Getting to I Do’ for an unprecedented sharing of the best of their wisdom.

The first secret shared in this film states that many people tend to confuse great sex with great love. According to Dr. Pat Allen, world-renowned therapist and author of “Getting to I Do”, love and sex aren’t even in the same category. People who are making love can have sex periodically, but people who are addicted to sex rarely make love. Casual sex is fine as long as both persons involved are clear that that’s all it is. Add to that the fact that women tend to bond chemically with men after sex, and casual sex can become disastrous. For women it’s a good thing to make sure you’re already happy and not be looking for someone to make you happy through sex.

Another secret supports the idea that difficulties can actually help to strengthen a relationship. John Gray, bestselling author of “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus” warns that even if you’re in love you can’t expect your partner to always give you what you need. Pat Allen adds that infidelity isn’t necessarily grounds for divorce and trust can be rebuilt.

When asked what is the best quality to attract a man, Dr. Allen answers that men are extremely attracted to happy women. In regards to the best quality to attract women, she states that a good man is one that knows that his job is to give, protect, and cherish. In exchange for that he can expect to receive appreciation, respect, and fun from the woman.

When it comes to the end of relationships, most people don’t know how to move on without getting bitter and resentful. John Gray believes that relationships don’t really fail they just run their course and people need to be able to identify when a relationship has reached its end. On the other hand, having a history with someone takes love to a whole new level in every sense.

In this award winning film, two of the world’s best-known therapists, John Gray and Pat Allen, come together to share the very best of their wisdom. Watch this documentary now.


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Rating: 8.1/10 based on 32 votes

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