A Fighting Chance

A Fighting Chance

86 minutes 9.1/10 based on 8 votes

A FIGHTING CHANCE, an ESPN Film, is the story of Kyle Maynard, a young man born without arms or legs who lives his life with no excuses. Kyle is an extraordinary individual. There are very few things that he can’t do. He’s not held back by his physical limitations at all. Watch him pulling groceries off shelves, dialing a number on his cell phone, driving a car, even signing a voucher. If he were to be judged solely by his attitude, you’d never know he wasn’t exactly like everybody else.

It must have been devastating for young, first-time parents to discover that their long-expected firstborn was a congenital amputee. But the family quickly recovered and determined to bring up their child to know that he was loved and that he could do anything he set his mind to.

And so, in spite of his disabilities, Kyle has excelled as a wrestler, motivational speaker, and author, and has earned many awards and recognitions for his outstanding performance. But then at the age of 23, he set his heart on mixed martial arts (MMA), a sport where kicking and punching is allowed. He was initially rejected because the commission feared he would get hurt.  But finally he got his big break and the date was set for April 25, 2009.

Many MMA fans were offended when he was finally given a chance to fight. They claimed that the media shouldn’t cover “this freak show.”  Then finding an opponent to fight him became quite a challenge. It seemed like nobody was willing to be the guy who got beat by a kid without arms and legs or the guy who beat a kid without arms and legs.

Watch Kyle train rigorously as he prepared for his MMA debut. A lot was hanging on this event. How did it turn out? Was it really about winning or losing?

Enjoy exclusive footage of Kyle’s childhood while his family members and friends share their heart openly in this must-watch film.

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Rating: 9.1/10 based on 8 votes

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