Adele: The Only Way is Up

Adele: The Only Way is Up

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When an ordinary teenaged girl from North London goes on to become an overnight sensation, the world sits up and pays attention. This is the story of Adele Adkins and how she rose to stardom in just a few years from her beginnings writing songs at home in London to the release of the largest selling album in the millennium.

Anyone who was listening to her when she just started out would have known straight off the bat that she was going to make it big. There was something about this girl that commanded attention. She has gone from being a talented vocalist to a cultural icon because her songs are about universal emotions that most everybody can identify with: unhappiness, sadness, heartbreak, and obsession. She not only mentions them in her songs, she speaks directly to the hearts of the listeners. Most of her songs are about her own personal experience, which means that she continues that one on one connection with her fans. They love it because they relate to her songs like they would to a Facebook post. The way she talks about pain and loss is very real.

At a young age, she discovered legendary artists like Ella Fitzgerald and Etta James.

This discovery opened her ears to mature, soulful singing. She was touched by the passion in their voices and states that she believed every single word these women sang.

Adele’s big break came when she entered The Brit School, an educational institution specialized in performing arts and technology. One of her professors says that what separated her from the other talented students was the fact that she was a great vocalist with a tremendously courageous style that involved being willing to let go and just be herself.

While still at The Brit School, Adele found her own voice and started to record demos. In 2004 her MySpace page caught the attention of several record labels after a friend uploaded her demos there.

In 2006 Adele signed with an edgy independent called label XL Recordings, which had amassed a huge amount of credibility among young fans. Before she even released her first record, Adele was already receiving a ton of attention and she just knew that she was on the brink of something big and her life was going to be changed radically. According to Adele, it was really strange and confusing to be getting an award before her single was even properly released.

Her authenticity and her maturity are mind blowing. Watch this film now.

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Rating: 8.8/10 based on 26 votes

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