As it Happens: Pacific Crest Trail

As it Happens: Pacific Crest Trail

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Civilization comes at a price. It brings with it predictable days and lonely nights. That’s why in May of 2011 two young men left their jobs, friends, and family in search for adventure. This is a film that clearly portrays why they decided to go on a 173-day journey along North America’s scenic Pacific Crest.

Their voyage began in the desert in Mexico and continued 2,500 miles until Canada. Along the way they met many others who were on a quest for that a beautiful lifestyle. They didn’t take along any safety crews or guides; it was just the two best friends on a very demanding trip.

Even though they had done this before, the desert landscape made it even tougher. In the day, the sun burned their skin mercilessly and at nights they shivered in the cold air. They only had enough room in their backpacks for around 2,000 calories per day, but they were burning around 6,000. By the time they had traveled 100 miles, their food supply was gone.

When they were able to find a town, they spent a few hours eating to gain back the weight they had lost, and replenishing their food supply.

The locals and other hikers warned them that no one was making it through the snowed-in Sierras. At first, they didn’t believe that to be true at all, but as they walked they could see and feel the evidence of what had become a record year for snow.

Still, these young men powered through. They faced the harshness of the weather bravely and dealt with hunger and sore muscles expertly. And step by step their journey transformed into a wonderful learning experience that offered the best definition of freedom they could have ever dreamed of. Watch it now.

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Rating: 7.7/10 based on 7 votes

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