Born to Rage?

Born to Rage?

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Born to Rage: are some people born to be violent?

An extraordinary discovery suggests they are. A single gene has been associated with violent behavior. It has ignited debate. National Geographic takes you inside the Warrior Gene. 45 minutes long. Nature vs Nurture rears its ugly head and they are both teeming for a fight. In the 1980’s, a youth rebellion was brewing. Angry music was spewing angry reactions. Henry Rollins became a poster boy for the rebellion. During shows, he was burned by cigars, lighters, and hit by fists and feet. Ex-punk rocker Henry Rollins is on a mission to figure out why many have struggled with feelings of aggression their entire lives.

Can the discovery of this gene lead a happier human race? Or, will it help identify key factors in genetically growing super soldiers?  The science can be used either way. A common gene mutation has been identified with compulsive and violent behavior. The “Warrior Gene.”

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Rating: 7.9/10 based on 36 votes

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