Chess Kids: Special Edition

Chess Kids: Special Edition

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Some people start to play chess at a very young age, and most players agree that what they love about this game is that it forces you to think long term; you can’t just make one move and end it there, you need to plan ahead. For those who love competition, chess offers the added bonus of not allowing you to get hurt physically. That seems to make it even more attractive to the types that might not be into running or sweating.

Playing chess is a wonderful experience for kids because it opens their minds and brings in new experiences they would otherwise miss. At the tournaments they meet hundreds of incredibly talented players their age from all over the world. Some kids and their parents travel for hours just to participate in the tournaments because it gives them a strong sense of satisfaction to be able to represent their country and compete for the prestigious world championship titles.

At the tournaments, one girl in particular stood out. Her name is Judit Polgar and she was competing in the boy section. At the age of twelve, Hungarian-born Judit became the youngest person to win the title International Master. A few teenage boys that she played against found competing against a girl a little distracting. They also felt some added pressure to perform well. Nowadays some of these players believe that there should not be a separation between male and female tournaments, especially when it comes to children. In this day and age of gender equality, that might be a good goal to strive for. Today Judit is considered the strongest female chess player in history.

The adult players who are interviewed were prodigies when the original version was first produced. This second part gives a glance at where they are now. The original version of CHESS KIDS went behind the scenes at the World Youth Chess Tournament

This is the largest ever held in the United States. In this special edition viewers get to listen to interviews with children as young as seven who reveal how they excel the world’s oldest game. And of course, we revisit the brilliant kids that were introduced before and ponder their growth as they reflect on their lives before and after chess.

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