Desire for Beauty

Desire for Beauty

Things That Mirrors Don't Show

88 minutes 2013 8.4/10 based on 13 votes

Some believe that the concepts of ugliness and beauty are all in the mind. Maybe that’s why it is said that ‘beauty is in the eye of the beholder’. We’ve all heard repeatedly that the most important thing to be happy in life is to be one’s self. However, this is nearly impossible in a world that is pathologically obsessed with perfection and uniformity, even though everybody knows that there’s no such thing.

Still, millions of dollars are invested monthly in attaining this or that definition of beauty as people try desperately to fit in and look like everybody else. Many men and women willingly endure pain just for the opportunity to change their physical appearance.

This Polish documentary touches on the delicate issues that are at the core of our definitions of beauty and self-perception. It follows the experience of four young persons who turn to cosmetic surgery as a last resort in their search for that illusive perfection. But is it really perfection that they seek? And once they’ve attained it, will their lives really improve?

As a society, it seems like we have come to believe that our lives can only be great if we are beautiful, although many are quick to declare that being smart and determined is what really counts. When it comes to love, many insist that it’s not about looks. But before one gets to test the inside of a person, it’s the outside that attracts first. It would be wonderful if, for instance, men approached ugly women to try to find out if they’re beautiful on the inside, but that’s not the case at all. Maybe we’re all just being hypocritical.

Still, many of the defects that make most people unhappy about themselves are only really visible to them.

And so in an attempt to be attractive, how far would you be willing to go? How many procedures are you willing to undergo? And after the surgery, will you be able to see yourself differently? More importantly, will you be genuinely happy? Your appearances will change, but will your life change too?

This film seeks to answer the deep questions about self-love. It brings up some unexpected aspects that neither the filmmakers nor the protagonists expected. DESIRE FOR BEAUTY will take you on an emotional journey that will set the pace for an honest conversation about one of humanity’s deepest yearnings. Watch it now.

Polish with English subtitles.

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Rating: 8.4/10 based on 13 votes

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