Dolphin Boy

Dolphin Boy

Can Nature Heal What Human Violance Destroys?

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Since ancient times, many have observed and documented the special relationship that exists between humans and dolphins. Many stories have been told about dolphins that even rescued sailors and brought them back to safety.

Morad, a 17 year old student from a small Arab village, suffered severe physical abuse by the brothers and family members of a classmate. Morad had sent an innocent text message to a female classmate that was wrongly interpreted as a sign of an inappropriate relationship going on between the two of them. Morad was kidnapped and taken to a warehouse where he was beaten to within an inch of his life for hours.

When he was found, Morad was taken to the hospital unable to speak and in a severe state of Post-Traumatic Dissociation. Before the beating, Morad had been an exemplary student with his whole life ahead of him and many dreams for his future.

For weeks after  the incident, all attempts for treatment using conventional medication failed. There was still no communication and the father described severe anxiety attacks and rage attacks at home. The specialist in charge of treating him, considered the possibility of hospitalizing him in the psychiatric center. Morad’s father, however, did not agree with this consideration.

The expert in trauma explained that in order to deal with the violent attack, Morad dissociated himself and then remained disconnected.

Morad’s entire family suffered deeply to see their loved one in that condition. They wanted revenge, but were willing to put those desires on hold in order to pull together to help Morad reconnect with reality. For Morad’s father, the boy came first, and they were willing to respect his wishes.

After two months, Morad still did not speak and assaulted his baby sister in a fit of rage. At this point the trauma expert recommended the Maverick Approach Dolphin Therapy as a last resort. The hope was that non-verbal communication with the dolphins would bring some form of improvement.

Morad’s father didn’t hesitate to do whatever it took to make sure his son at least had a fighting chance at a full recovery. In this case it meant leaving his job and family behind to move to a different place for an unknown period of time, to try something that may not give the desired results. This is a story of the depth of a father’s love. Watch this film now.

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Rating: 9.2/10 based on 14 votes

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