Drug Crazed – USA

Drug Crazed – USA

16 minutes 7.3/10 based on 33 votes

Remember when that “Zombie” in Miami chewed a homeless man’s face off in real life? Think back to early 2012. Yes, that wasn’t a dream. The crazed man, who had to be shot dead, was on a little-known drug at the time. This investigation looks at “bath salts’ and the rising danger in America.

“It’s robbed him of a life. It’s taken his soul.” Tiffany Russell watches footage of her 24-year-old son Skyler, a bath salts addict.

Tiffany feels that the American Government has taken too long to act on this new simmering epidemic. Drug Enforcement has finally stepped in, but it may be too late for people like her son.  The government has banned the substance, but chemists, entrepreneurs, and drug lords were quick to tweak the banned formula so that it could be legally available once again. “Now we have to pass new laws,” says a representative of the United States Homeland Security office. The new form of the drug is, by all means, technically legal. The effects are devastating.  An Important short documentary that is worth watching!

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Rating: 7.3/10 based on 33 votes

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