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Erin Davies, a student at Sage Colleges in Troy, New York was victim to a hate crime in Albany. Somebody vandalized her car by writing the words “fag” and “u r gay” on the window and hood. All this happened because she had a rainbow sticker on the back windshield of her Volkswagen Beetle. Despite initial shock and anger when her insurance company wasn’t able to offer immediate assistance, Erin decided to embrace what happened and turn it into something positive by leaving the graffiti on her car in order to raise awareness for the intolerance that homosexuals experience.

Public Safety at the campus immediately reacted to the graffiti because of the fear of the whole situation escalating and getting out of hand. She was asked to remove her car from where she had parked it in front of the Admissions building.

Her car became known as the fagbug and with the help of a friend they established some online presence. The response was overwhelming as people from all over the country congratulated Erin on her bravery and more than one even called her a “hero.”

Erin received a lot of support from faculty and students at Russell Sage. Many even went as far as overcoming their personal fears and putting rainbow stickers on their cars. About 11 days after the act of vandalism, a solidarity march was organized in which people followed the fagbug while chanting against homophobia.

Inspired by the many reactions she got on the Russell Sage campus and in her own hometown, Erin then decided to take her car on a 58-day trip around the United States and Canada. In order to fund her trip, Erin wanted to sell one million rainbow stickers. It was at this point that many of her supporters turned against her and a few others simply disappeared. Some people felt that she was out to make a profit while others thought that she was just making it all up. One person went so far as to remove the word ‘fag’ from her window with a razor blade. Watch this amazing story to find out how Erin chose to handle the opposition, blatant lies, and more hate crimes.

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