Guarding the Queen

Guarding the Queen

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Guarding the Queen is a three part series showcasing the most recognizable soldiers in the UK, the Grenadier Guards. Originally filmed between December 2006 and June 2007, it is the first time in over ten years that the Grenadiers have been filmed. 3 hours long. 3 parts.  Donning scarlet tunics and bearskins, these famous soldiers stand guard outside Buckingham Palace and many other royal residences. They are also the oldest infantry regiment in the British Army.

The first part of this interesting documentary series takes viewers behind the scenes as the Queen honours the 350th anniversary of the Grenadiers. They are celebrated by a party at Windsor Castle. This marks a very proud moment for commanding officer Colonel Carew Hatherly.

Also showcased in this part of the series is a group of trainee guardsmen. Originally 13 Grenadier hopefuls had started training, but at the end of the extensive months of training a mere four remain. Steven Cooper is among these four trainees and Guarding the Queen details his journey as he settles into his new life at Wellington Barracks in London.

This is a great series for anyone interested in the royals and the many soldiers who protect them and their country. Guarding the Queen is in unusual look behind the scenes of the Grenadier Guards.

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Rating: 8.1/10 based on 9 votes

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