Of Hearts and Minds

Of Hearts and Minds

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The heart is the most symbolic organ of the human body. It’s not only a physical organ, but also one of the biggest emotional symbols known. This documentary reveals what the latest science has learned about its structures, its capacities, and its role. Join David Malone as he finds out whether our feelings and emotions really come from our hearts or from our brains.

The heart is a powerful symbol for religion, literature and philosophy for most cultures. Draw a heart, and immediately you evoke feelings of love, appreciation, and friendship. Traditionally it has been known as the site of our emotions and the center of our being. But modern science sees the heart as just a pump and nothing more. In fact heart surgeons describe the heart as “a bunch of muscles that has nerves and chemical receptors”. This simple physical description is quite accurate. But still, there’s got to be something about the heart that makes it so special.

We talk about being brokenhearted, or having a happy heart. Sometimes we feel our heart is full and at other times it feels empty. We say we love with all our hearts, we say somebody’s heart is cold. What does this mean? Isn’t it undeniable proof that there is a connection between the heart and the mind?

Professor David Paterson from The University of Oxford  has been doing extensive research that challenges the traditional textbook view of how the heart and brain work together. One of the most shocking discoveries is that the heart has millions of specialized neurons just like those that can be found in the brain. Neurons are the cells that give us the ability to think, so what does their presence in the heart mean? Why are they there? What is the role played by these neurons?

Maybe there really is more to the heart than we think we know. Watch this documentary to find out.

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Rating: 8.7/10 based on 29 votes

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