Here Without Me

Here Without Me

26 minutes 2015 8.8/10 based on 5 votes

Imagine falling asleep to the tune of a terrifying lullaby comprised of the sounds of explosions just a few meters away from you. Imagine that this is also the first sound you hear as soon as you wake up.

Imagine that just before this scenario became your new daily reality, you were forced from your home by a group of terrorists who stole every material possession you owned, destroyed your house, and then kidnapped some of your family members and killed others.

Instead of your comfortable home you now live in a tent in the middle of nowhere and the uncertainty of what the future might hold eats away at you day after day. As you look around, instead of the colorful lifestyle you are accustomed to, you are now surrounded by pain and austerity.

For some women and girls the fear of what might happen to them at the hands of these men gave them the courage to commit suicide by slitting their wrists and necks. Dying had to be by far better than becoming a prisoner to deranged terrorists.

This has now become the life of the Izadi Kurds in Sinjar. These innocent people have been maliciously attacked by the Islamic terrorist group known as ISIL.

ISIL have been invading and destroying towns and villages all over Iraq and Syria while committing horrific crimes. Bombs have been strapped to men and detonated, entire families have been shot to death, temples and holy places have been blown up while people are inside; the list is long and gruesome.

Through intimate interviews, this documentary tells the story of what has been going on. With tears in their eyes, these women, children, and men remember the traumatic scenes that are alive in their memories.

Where can one turn when things like these happen? Which government will bring back their daughters and sisters that have been kidnapped? Who will raise their men from the dead? Watch this heartbreaking documentary now.

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Rating: 8.8/10 based on 5 votes

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