Israel: The Royal Tour

Israel: The Royal Tour

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Israel exists at the very crossroads of history and religion. The region has been defined by decades of conflict and a continuing search and struggle for peace. It’s a place filled with tradition yet on the cutting edge of modern society. In Israel, you can reach out and touch the stories found in the Bible.

Israel is bordered by Egypt, Syria, Jordan, and Lebanon and has Saudi Arabia directly to the southeast. More than half of its territory is the Negev Desert. Its capital is the five-thousand-year-old city of Jerusalem. This city has managed to maintain the biblical antiquity that defines it, while at the same time becoming one of the most modern and high-tech countries in the world.

Israel was created on May 14, 1948, when a United Nations resolution set aside land for an officially Jewish state in the formerly British-controlled region of Palestine. For Jews, the new nation was more than just a refuge after the end of WWII and the Holocaust. It was a return to a homeland that had originally been theirs four thousand years before.

However, from the day Israel first raised its flag, peace has been elusive. They have fought several wars, the most significant being The Six-Day War of June 1967, which expanded the size of the nation’s territory.

The Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was born in 1949. He and his two brothers spent most of their youth in the United States. At the age of 18, he returned to Israel and joined the Defense Force. He and his brothers became members of Israel’s Special Forces Unit. In the mid-1970s, Benjamin Netanyahu returned to the United States to study, but something happened that altered the course of his life; his brother Yonatan Netanyahu was killed in action. This event started Benjamin on a political pathway that he had never even contemplated before.

There are many misperceptions of Israel. The first one is that the nation does not want peace. Nothing could be farther from the truth. However, according to Netanyahu, peace cannot be had without strength and the real formula for peace is a demilitarized Palestinian state that recognizes the Jewish state.

Just a few minutes after the Royal Tour kicked off, the Prime Minister suffered an unfortunate accident that postponed the royal tour until a future date. Find out more now.

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