Legend of Marilyn Monroe

Legend of Marilyn Monroe

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Marilyn Monroe just wanted to be wanted. Isn’t that what we all want, though? She was Hollywood’s sex goddess; a figure still recognized to this day. Yet the real Marilyn Monroe remained illusive even to her own self. Throughout her life she endlessly pursued that missing person. This film is about that legendary woman’s search for herself.

Before she was barely an adult the cameras started following Marilyn Monroe everywhere like a love-struck teenaged boy. They were there on her tours, weddings, and even her honeymoons. She possessed a magical inner radiance that drew in everybody who was in close proximity. Marilyn had a startling impact on the world, but few suspected that what hid behind the beautiful smile was mortal.

After her death everybody looked for villains and numerous conspiracy theories emerged. Nobody wanted to face the fact that life can be unfair and cruel, that we see human despair too late and that appearances are deceiving.

John Huston, who directed Marilyn’s Monroe first major film as well as her last, describes her life as a long line of disasters and crises—a story filled with heartbreak and examples of human failure.

She was born in Los Angeles on June 1, 1926 and the struggle for identity began almost immediately. She grew up as Norma Jeane Baker although her birth certificate bears the last name Mortenson. This means that she was illegitimate; a position that carried a lot of stigma at the time. When she was barely two weeks old she was placed into a foster home, where she remained for about 8 years. During that time 13 foster brothers and sisters came and went and from early on she learned to survive in a world of transitory relationships. To add hurt to injury, she never found out the identity of her father.

At the age of nine, Norma Jeane went to live with her mother. That only lasted a few months before Gladys Baker was sent to a mental institution due to her depression. Norma Jeane was then taken to a private orphanage where she lived with about 60 other children.

After that she went on to live in many other homes where she never really fit in. A teacher remembers her as a youngster who looked as though she wasn’t well cared for. She was not very outgoing or vibrant, although she was a nice child. Norma Jeane dropped out of school and married at the age of 16 in order to not get sent back to an orphanage.

When war came and her husband joined the marines, Norma Jeane was chosen for wartime publicity posters because of her breath-taking beauty. That’s how it all began. Watch the rest of this story now.

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