Lions of Darkness

Lions of Darkness

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Renowned National Geographic filmmaker Dereck and Beverly Joubert have lived and worked among the lions for thirteen years. Each day they search for the lions they work with and each night they follow these lions and document the stories of their lives.

Very few times before has the drama of life on the wild plains of beautiful Botswana been depicted more intimately than in this remarkable documentary. The film shares the exciting story of a growing pride of lions that began when three aggressive young outsiders went in search of new territory.

These energetic lions soon came upon a pride of eight young lionesses and their master, an aging male who was obviously losing control of his land and his females. The lionesses pranced around happily, showing the signs of their readiness to mate. This erotic display inevitably drew the attention of interlopers from all over.

The three young aggressive males split up, circle, and attack in an attempt to get rid of rivals and show their supremacy. As they expected, the old male is drawn to the sounds of fighting and falls into their trap. He soon finds himself mercilessly robbed of his land and females as the three young males easily claim dominance over the pride.

Dominating the females is a bit more difficult, but one by one they finally give in and submit to the males. Within six months of their arrival, the females give birth and they all become part of a huge community where the cubs learn by mimicking their mothers.

As soon as they become teenagers, their mothers harshly expel the young males from the pride because it’s time for them to go out on their own.

Follow the lives of these amazingly beautiful animals amidst breath-taking footage of Botswana now.

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