Lost for Life

Lost for Life

Could You Forgive?

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This thought-provoking documentary tells the story of a few of the more than 2500 individuals in the US who are serving life sentences with no possibility of parole. This is the punishment they have received for crimes they committed when they were seventeen years old or younger. Some of these prisoners are as young as thirteen.

Joshua Rofé spent four intensive years working on this project to capture the reality faced by these individuals, their own families, and the families of the victims.

What can trigger the amount of rage and coldness necessary to commit murder? For some teens it’s the innate desire to fit in, to not be a loser or a loaner. They long to be accepted, loved, and noticed. For others it is bottled up rage from the abuse suffered at the hands of those they trusted and who should have been their protectors.

This powerful film attacks this controversial issue from many different standpoints as it explores the intricacy of the lives of those affected. Both the perspectives of the criminals, as well as the perspectives of the victims, are well documented.

Life without parole basically means that there’s no hope of rehabilitation and reintegration. The teen’s life is ended and mere existence takes over because he or she is no longer worthy to walk among the rest of us.

Although many advocates argue that a teenager’s brain is not fully developed and that hence, he or she cannot be held completely accountable for the heinous crimes committed, the real question this stance poses is how much comfort does this offer to the family and friends of the victims? Others claim that in most cases, the murderers had been mistreated as children and were only acting in response to the trauma and abuse, but is that really a valid reason to take another person’s life?

Allegedly, some of the teens sought help before committing the actual crimes but were never taken seriously and weren’t offered any professional assistance. One advocate declares that in one particular case, the young man is paying for the sins of an entire community that simply didn’t listen to his cries for help.

What form of justice comes into play when a kid kills? Does a horrific act such as murder mean that an individual is beyond redemption? Should minors who commit murders be sentenced to life without parole? And what if it was you, and a child took the life of your loved one, would you be able to forgive? Watch this film now.

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Rating: 7.9/10 based on 25 votes

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