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Meth is an amine derivative of amphetamine used in the form of its crystalline hydrochloride to stimulate the Central Nervous System. A lot of users actually begin snorting meth, because they think it’s like cocaine. But immediately they can tell that something is different about this substance. Eventually, they end up smoking it and shooting it sometimes for many years.

This thought-provoking film explores the rising wave of crystal methamphetamine use within the gay community. One dozen homosexual men openly share their personal stories about the drug’s allure, its promise, and the reasons why they believe its popularity is rapidly increasing. A lot of these men sincerely thought that no one could tell when they were high on meth. That’s how deep the deception goes.

As they describe all the things they were willing to do just to get drugs, one can’t help but wonder what were they really desperately searching for? Some of the men interviewed are current users. And so they willingly share their daily life occurrences while under the constant influence of what is known to them as “Tina.”

The men in the film describe the feeling of being high as “being on top of the world” and as suddenly realizing that they could actually block out their pain.  The rush was enjoyable and made them feel invincible, attractive, and magnetic. One man describes it as “unleashing the caged beast”. These men describe how they started trying to figure out different ways in which to take meth. Some of the methods used are standard, but a few are extremely creative and include mixing it with cooking oil, coffee, or even Spam.

One man explains how he had stopped using other drugs at will. But when it came to meth, he was unequipped and powerless to help himself.

A few of the interviewees are former users who have managed to crawl back from the darkness provoked by their addictions. Their stories give hope to those who desperately want to change. Watch this film now.

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Rating: 8.5/10 based on 20 votes

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