Six Women. Two Continents. A Journey of Hope and Healing.

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Nobody can understand what it’s like to lose a child unless they have experienced it in their own lives. The pain is unlike that of losing a spouse, your parents, or a friend. It just leaves a hole in your heart that can’t be filled no matter how much time goes by. Losing a child is probably the most excruciating form of grief that exists because it is way out of the natural order of things; you are not supposed to outlive your children.

In December of 2006, experienced filmmaker Jennifer Steinman organized a seventeen day volunteer trip to South Africa to work with children and families that were suffering from poverty and the loss of loved ones to AIDS. She took six American women with her. They were all from different cities and didn’t know each other before the trip. They only had one thing in common: they were all grieving the loss of a child.

This film takes an honest and intimate look at the complexities of grief. It’s a film about healing, strength, the triumph of the human spirit, and the power of unconditional love.

Each year over eight million families around the world suffer the loss of a child. In Jennifer Steinman’s moving documentary film, these six grieving mothers find healing in the most unusual place— eight thousand miles from home. They each experience the deep connection that exists between humans regardless of ethnicity and culture and they experience how much we need each other throughout our journey here on Earth. Amazingly, each woman finds comfort and peace in an otherwise gloomy situation.

If you’ve suffered the loss of a child or you know someone who has, watch this deeply emotional film now.

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Rating: 8.7/10 based on 7 votes

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