One Week Job

One Week Job

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After Sean Aiken graduated from college at the top of his class he discovered that there was one thing he still didn’t know; he had no clue what career he wanted to pursue. Everyone who knew him kept saying that he had a lot of potential, but the big question was where to apply that potential. And so the One Week Job Project was born. Sean decided that for the next 52 weeks, he would try out 52 different jobs. Watch Sean Aiken go from bungee jumping operator to dairy farmer to motivational speaker in this thought-provoking documentary.

Most people agree that in order to figure out what career path to choose, you need to find your passion in life. What most can’t tell you is how one goes about finding it. Where can passion be found? There’s no easy answer to this question because we are all so incredibly different.

When Shawn started on his journey, he had no idea what he would discover. At first he began taking jobs in Vancouver, near his home. But he soon found himself traveling all over North America and even Hawaii as the media picked up his story.

Soon he was flooded with emails and phone calls from all over the world. He could have never imagined the generosity, encouragement, and support he would get from complete strangers.

Does Shawn finally discover his passion? Did he eventually find a job he enjoyed enough to spend the rest of his life doing? Join Sean Aiken on this amazing journey that holds great lessons for all of us.

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Rating: 8.5/10 based on 50 votes

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