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Lakewood, Ohio is home to two high schools with great wrestling team. The public school’s team hasn’t won a state championship since 1959, although they dominated during WWII. However, this may change because of Matt Hurley. He’s a senior who is not only naturally strong, but he also wrestles in an unusual manner. His head coach says that Matt Hurley can get into positions that one would never think of. Hurley’s dream is to become a state champion. He has such a hunger to win that he’s willing to do whatever it takes to accomplish his dream.

To become a wrestling state champion it takes a lot of dedication and discipline. It also takes winning his strongest rivals at St. Edward High School. This school has been the reigning champions for the last eleven years and 21 of the last 27 years, making it a formidable opponent. They have even won ten national championships.

Because St. Edward is a private school, it attracts kids from all over who deliberately want to be a part of the wrestling tradition. At St. Edward every single kid is coached as if he’s being prepared to be state champion.

When asked why it is that Lakewood High hasn’t had a state champion in such a long time, one former coach’s response is that a ‘certain kid’ hasn’t come along yet. The current head coach, Vince Curiale, who was also the last Ranger to wrestle for a championship, believes that Matt Hurley might be that ‘certain kid’.

According to his mom, Matt started saying at age 4 that he was going to be a wrestler. The neighbor kids loved to play with him because they would throw punches and Matt would throw himself in the air. She sees how her son has the commitment and the drive to succeed and she is convinced that he will do it. Matt says that he feels an obligation to wrestle because it is part of his life.

On the other team, there’s Lance, whose father has gone to extremes in order to see his son hone his skills and win.

This film takes an intimate look at two boys from very different backgrounds that are fighting for the same dream at the same time but in very different ways. Who will win? Which one has what it takes to become state champion? Watch this film now.

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