Pulling John

Pulling John

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After 25 years of massive success as the unchallenged champion, this John Brzenk is now burdened with the seriousness of an important decision he has to make. As his body feels the effects of aging, he needs to choose what to do next: should be leave the sport he loves or should he wait until somebody defeats him?

Arm wrestling was formerly known as wrist wrestling and it dates back to ancient times when military commanders would choose the best arm wrestlers to be their leading soldiers. The first organized professional arm wrestling tournament took place in 1954 in California. It is now practiced all over the world and over 125 countries participate in the championship. During the next Olympics, arm wrestling will be included as an exhibition sport.

John Brzenk was born in McHenry, Illinois. His father was also an arm wrestler and John believes genetics play an important role in his arm size. He began wrestling in tournaments at the age of 16 and gained the name ‘Giant Crusher’ for his ability to pin down opponents twice his size.

Young arm wrestlers all over the world look up to John Brzenk. They see him as a hero and as their role model because he holds all the titles. One young man calls him the ‘Holy Grail’ of arm wrestling.

If you have never seen an arm wrestling championship, you need to put it on your bucket list. Watch this interesting film now.

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Rating: 9.7/10 based on 3 votes

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