Ready, Set, Adult

Ready, Set, Adult

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Zane and Wynde Thirus decided to homeschool their four kids until they were around 14 or 15 years old. They made that decision because they wanted to give their children balance and allow them to learn at their own pace. The biggest benefit they saw in homeschooling was to the opportunity to give each child one-on-one attention and in so doing increase their ability to learn and their critical thinking skills.

After that, they transferred to community college to finish general courses for an Associates Degree and then it was on to a four-year college to get the undergraduate degree. After procuring that degree, each of the girls went on to graduate school by the age of 20. The youngest is only 19 and has just completed his graduate degree. He will be going to grad school soon.

The eldest of the bunch, Caress, majored in English and Journalism. Next is Zanah with a degree in Marketing and Cinema Production. The third is Aizha who majored in Communication Studies and Global Strategic Communications. Zane is the youngest and he majored in Cinema Art and Science.

Being homeschooled didn’t mean fun and games all day for the Thirus kids. They had a strict schedule to adhere to and even school uniforms to wear to their classes. At the end of the day they would get extracurricular activities and even homework before dinner. They were not given any free summers either; instead they would have a half-day schedule.

The Thiruses don’t believe they missed out on anything because they were homeschooled. They don’t really have a point of reference to make a comparison, though. Their parents made sure they interacted with children their own age, even though they didn’t attend school with them.

Caress, the eldest, says that she doesn’t believe they are smarter than the average individual, the difference is that that one-on –one experience they had allowed them to advance their learning at a faster pace than other people the same age.

Going to community college at 15 with classmates who were much older and experienced had its challenges, though. How were they able to deal with those at such a young age? Watch this interesting film now.

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Rating: 9.8/10 based on 5 votes

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