Scientology: The Ex Files

Scientology: The Ex Files

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In 1968, a camera crew caught up with an eccentric middle-aged North American captain on a ship. His name was L. Ron Hubbard and he was the founder of Scientology. At the moment he was on the run and spent his time going from port to port. He surrounded himself with a group of devote believers who saw him as some kind of savior. But behind his distinguished exterior was a man who was somewhat obsessed with punishment and as a result, people were treated atrociously if they misbehaved or did something incorrectly. One former member witnessed women being bound hand and foot, blindfolded, and thrown overboard.

Hubbard’s culture of unwavering obedience and extreme punishment survived his death in 1986 and continues to the present day under the leadership of his succesor.

Many religions claim to hold the key to salvation and Scientology is no exception. At the core of this belief system are doctrines that state that man is basically good, we are spiritual beings, we’ve lived before, and our capabilities are infinite. It all sounds good. But behind the church’s pious exterior, lies a leadership that is obsessed with money and fanatical about punishment for crimes against the church— be those real or imaginary. In fact, once a person has been expelled from the church, family and friends are prohibited from ever again contacting the unwanted member under threat of expulsion.

Many fall for the initial bait laid out by the Church of Scientology. They are keen on presenting the unsuspecting with a system called dianetics, which offers a state of superior mental health. The next step is a spiritual program called The Bridge to Total Freedom, which contains a series of levels that have been designed to increase one’s spiritual powers. After that, adherents are introduced to a host of other books and programs that promise to enhance their performance. In the end, becoming a member of this church ends up being a very expensive investment; dome former adherents confess to spending $500,000 or more just to maintain their membership.

A group of former elite members in the United States have opened a lawsuit against the church. Their claims include human trafficking, labor laws violations, and even forced abortions.

In this powerful 2010 documentary, the Church of Scientology is presented in a new light: the secretive religion that harbors stories of extreme cruelty, slave labor, and financial greed. Watch this film now.

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Rating: 8.8/10 based on 5 votes

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