Search For The Afghan Girl

Search For The Afghan Girl

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In his 23 years of experience in war-torn Afghanistan, Steve McCurry has produced hundreds of photographs that have captured the pain and suffering of its people. But none of his photos have touched the world more than the unforgettable image of an Afghan refugee girl with striking eyes that eloquently reflect the anguish of refugees all over the world. But, who is this girl? Where is she today?

According to McCurry, in the 17 years since her picture was on the cover of National Geographic magazine, not a day has gone by where he doesn’t receive a phone call, letter, or email requesting information about this girl. He has heard many stories of people volunteering to go to Afghanistan or Pakistan after seeing that picture.

As time goes by, hope begins to fade. Steve McCurry is no longer looking for a girl, but a woman. the refugee camp where she lived has been demolished and her hometown continues to be destroyed by war. Finding her is like looking for a needle in fields and fields of haystacks. But McCurry continues his quest to find her and thank her for what she’s given to so many people.

Now, with a team of experts to back him up and with the latest technology at his disposal, Steven McCurry continues his search for the Afghan girl.

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Rating: 7.9/10 based on 34 votes

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