Sewing Hope

Sewing Hope

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This film, Narrated by Forest Whitaker, tells the story of a corner of the world that has lived without peace for over 25 years. A place where a man named Joseph Kony and his band of rebels, who called themselves the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA), tried to overthrow the Ugandan government. As they marched across the country they planted hatred and terrorized the inhabitants.

Their war strategies included abducting children and forcing them to become armed soldiers and to commit atrocities against their own families and communities. This they did tin order to destroy their innocence.

Under Joseph Kony’s orders, young girls were forced to become sex slaves for Kony’s officers. Many of them became pregnant for these men at the age of thirteen or fourteen.

Even though they say that the war is now over and Kony fled the country, the decades of brutal conflict have deeply scarred the people of Uganda. The child soldiers have returned to the very communities against which they committed violent crimes and the once innocent young girls now carry with them a constant reminder of their abuse: the children of the men who captured and enslaved them.

One woman, aptly named one of Time Magazine’s 100 Most Influential People of 2014, fights for these young girls. Her name is Sister Rosemary Nyirumbe and she presides over Saint Monica’s Vocational School in Gulu, Uganda. It is at this place where she uses sewing machines to plant hope in the lives of these suffering souls.

Sister Rosemary lived through the havoc wrecked by Kony’s LRA, and now dedicates her life to heal the wounds he and his men inflicted on her people. She invites formerly abducted girls to Saint Monica, where she listens to their atrocious stories of murder and unimaginable abuse.

One young girl describes how she was forced to cut up her younger sister to pieces because she could not carry her across a deep river. Others speak of getting padlocks placed on their lips to keep their mouths shut. Like these, other stories of unimaginable pain are spoken amidst far away looks of deep regret and anguish.

Sister Rosemary extends to these girls the opportunity to rebuild their lives by learning sewing, tailoring, and other practical crafts using pop tabs.

This documentary is a testimony of what one enlightened person can do to change the future of an entire community and in so doing, touch an entire nation. Watch it now.

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Rating: 8.1/10 based on 9 votes

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