Shark Encounters

Shark Encounters

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Sharks come in an amazing variety of shapes and sizes. Yet they all have a few characteristics in common. In this fascinating documentary, renowned filmmaker and shark expert Michael deGruy takes viewers on an rare journey into their underwater realm. In this peaceful secret place, you will feel as if you’re actually swimming next to these predators and you’ll discover the surprising physical and behavioral diversity that is common to the shark family.

There are nearly 900 different kinds of sharks and related species, skates and stingrays. But contrary to popular belief, only a handful of them are dangerous to humans. Still they continue to be the most feared and most misunderstood creatures in the sea.

Michael deGruy describes in detail how he was once attacked by a five-foot female gray reef shark that felt that her space was being invaded. The shark’s attack came after a clear warning to back off that deGruy recognized but chose to ignore. On that occasion the shark only bit off part of his forearm and swam away. Undeterred by this event, watch as he recreates that attack thirteen years later. The only difference is that this time he’s fully protected by a stainless steel suit and a plexiglass canopy that serves as a shield.

Get up close and personal with the seven-inch dwarf dog shark, the gigantic megamouth, and the fifty-foot whale shark.

Modern animation allows you to explore a shark’s body to learn interesting details about these amazing creatures. Learn what their sand-paper like skin is made of, what their cartilage looks like, how their teeth emerge to replace broken ones about every two weeks, and how its extraordinary sense of electro-reception works. Sharks have all the five senses that humans have plus a couple more. This sense of electro-perception creates a network of directional antennae that tell the shark the exact location of its prey, without the need for sight, smell, or touch.

In this film you’ll also get an exclusive look at the mating and courting rituals of these beautiful sea creatures and you’ll even catch a glimpse of a shark giving birth as she swims around peacefully.

Overall if you believe that sharks are cold and ruthless animals, this documentary offers a unique and remarkable learning experience that will definitely change your opinion about them. Watch it now.

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Rating: 8.9/10 based on 7 votes

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