Shingal’s Children: Banished by Daesh

Shingal’s Children: Banished by Daesh

39 minutes 2016 7.0/10 based on 4 votes

An eerie silence reigns over the land as the realization sinks in that Daesh terrorists are just a few miles away. The threat of ambush is real and it’s frightening. Although the Peshmerga male and female soldiers are ready to face their enemies and recapture Shingal, still the fear is weakening because many horrifying things have already happened.

The people who lived in Makhmur in Kurdish Iraq and in many other places were forced to abandon their cities because they feared for their lives. These once thriving communities are just a jungle of demolished buildings now. Even those cities that have already been liberated by the Peshmerga remain desolate. Nobody has returned to them. Maybe because it’s not easy to start over in a place where so much was lost.

The refugee camp in the area is a depressing sea of white tents that stand out against the blue sky. Yet the children welcome the visitors with joy and expectation, as children tend to do. They haven’t allowed the pain of loss to dim their lights yet. Apart form losing most of their material possessions, many of the people at that camp have lost family members and other loved ones. Others have family members that are actively fighting against Daesh.

The mothers at the camp complain that there’s no milk for the babies, but the men hang around staring at nothing in particular, with looks of anguish in their eyes because they have lost their freedom, they can hardly protect their women and children, and they don’t know what to do to stop feeling the mocking pain of helplessness.

There are horrifying stories to tell. Some talk about the 7,000 women and children starved to death on a mountain in Shingal. Others tell about spending over a week without food or water and having to watch their elderly and children die from the harsh conditions. Many families lost eight or more people during the killings; Daesh simply opened fire on everyone.  One woman tells how their car broke down when they were tying to escape and the terrorists set their car on fire and shot her husband in the throat. They tell of a village that had about 1,700 inhabitants of which only six survived. Everybody else was killed and burned. One woman recounts how some of the women and girls who were taken captive to be sold as slaves ended up committing suicide the night before.

War is never victimless, but Daesh seems to be taking this battle to a whole new level of evil. Watch this film now.

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Rating: 7.0/10 based on 4 votes

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