Skatopia: 88 Acres of Anarchy

Skatopia: 88 Acres of Anarchy

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The main entrance to the skate park has the words ‘death to invaders’ written in red letters on the sides of two old vehicles. The people of Rutland, Ohio have a hard time understanding the lifestyle of Brewce Martin, whom they have come to see as a forty-year old skating cult leader. There are hundreds of rumors circulating. Some say that if you go there, they’ll burn your car or grab your keys and throw them away in the woods. Others even say they have heard death threats and gunshots.

Brewce Martin is the owner of Skatopia. When asked about the rumors about him and his operation he states that he has always been a leader and he doesn’t really worry about all the stories that are going around.

The Skatopia residents don’t seem to have a problem with Brewce. They say he takes care of them and does a lot for them including providing food. He constantly encourages them to look out for each other and for the interests of the organization. One resident says it’s sort of a Mecca for skateboarding: a million dollar skate park with all the freedom imaginable.

Along with the permanent residents, there are many who visit yearly because they enjoy the enery of place. Halo Whitelight, Brewce’s girlfriend says that Skatopia was the first place where she ever skateboarded and she kept going back for more.

At Skatopia, hardcore skating, punk rock, and hillbilly culture collide. Demolition derbies and spontaneous car burnings accompany all-night skate sessions and serious partying. It is a “rite of passage” for die-hard skaters where pain is a badge of honor.

Brewce Martin dreamed of a place where he could skate instead of getting trapped in a system that’s not fit for everybody. He wanted to build that place where people could come for a week or two and forget their monotonous lives where their talents weren’t appreciated or understood.

Skatopia includes a skateboard museum and Brewce has big plans of adding more buildings and features such as a weight room, a playroom with video games and a juke box, and even a discotheque.

This documentary celebrates the freedom from everyday life that Skatopia offers, but it also takes a hard look at what fuels Brewce’s energy and charisma. Once a violent teen, by his own mother’s admission, Brewce can switch from visionary to cult-leader in an instant. However, his relentless pursuit of his dreams is quite an inspiration. Watch it now.

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Rating: 10.0/10 based on 2 votes

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