Southern Comfort

Southern Comfort

99 minutes 2001 8.2/10 based on 19 votes

This film tells the captivating story of Robert Eads, a female to male transsexual, who was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Filmmaker Kate Davis follows him around as he shares his experience of living with this ironic diagnosis.

Robert Eads, who was born as Barbara, nonchalantly tells how he was invited to ‘be one of the boys and take back Georgia’ by becoming a member of the KKK. Imagine if he had introduced himself to them and told them who he really was?

After years of hiding in the gay community, Robert finally convinced himself that being a man or a woman had nothing to do with genitalia. He then started taking testosterone and had his breasts removed. He didn’t have the bottom half altered, though. In his words, he didn’t need a piece of flesh swinging between his legs to prove that he was a man.

One morning, while staying at the home of some friends, Robert woke up in a pool of blood and feeling really ill. His friends forced him to go to the hospital. That was how he found out that he had terminal cancer of the cervix, uterus, and the ovaries. Robert immediately asked about the possibility of having a hysterectomy and was told that it didn’t make sense to go through such a complicated procedure at his age, because of menopause. Robert believes that it’s some kind of cruel joke that the only parts of him that were still female were killing him.

Eads approached a number of gynecologists at dozens of hospitals and clinics seeking help and was turned down repeatedly. Some lied and told him they weren’t able to treat him while others told him point blank that they would lose patients if word got out that they were treating a transsexual.

When he found out that he had only a few more months left to live, Robert called his closest friends together. He referred to them as his chosen family because even though they weren’t related by blood, these were the people who always stuck by him.

His family also went to see him: one of his two sons, his parents, and his adorable grandson—the only one present who did not know him before his sex change. His son still refers to him as ‘mom’, but admits that had he gotten married he would have chosen his mom to be the best man at his wedding.

For Robert, he was always a heterosexual male, not a homosexual. Watch this touching story now.

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Rating: 8.2/10 based on 19 votes

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