Soviet Storm: WW2 in the East

Soviet Storm: WW2 in the East

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This film project depicts the most important events and battles of World War II. The main objective is to bring history to life through the use of computer graphics, motion-picture images and sounds, and actual wartime shots.

WWII has been until now the most destructive war in modern history. The exact amount of casualties is still unknown but it is believed that it could be anywhere around 50 million. This impressive war ended in 1945 with the surrender of Japan, but historians can’t agree on the exact date when it began.

This is the story of Russia’s great patriotic war and the Red Army’s long road from defeat to victory.

Many atrocities took place during WWII. The Holocaust in which millions of Jews were gassed, tortured, or murdered was one of the ten most horrific genocides in history. While this was going on in Nazi Germany, Imperial Japan was practicing experiments and waging biological warfare on prisoners and on everyone else that they considered to be subhuman. Atrocities occurred in many other places too, and they include the vicious and violent sexual assault of thousands of men, women and children all over Europe and other territories.

This historical masterpiece is divided into 18 exciting episodes that tell the story from a different, maybe unbiased, perspective. The film causes you to explore the strategy used in Operation Barbarossa—one of the biggest of all times— and the Defense at Sevastopol. Learn about the Battle of Moscow and the Siege of Leningrad. Analyze the Battles of Stalingrad, Caucasus and Kursk. Sit on the edge of your seat as you experience the liberation of Ukraine and Operation Bagration. Find out about the different tactics used for War in the Air and the War in the Sea. Understand what triggered the Partisan Movement. Delve into the Secret Intelligence of the Red Army, and study the Battle of Germany, the Battle of Berlin and finally the War Against Japan.

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Rating: 9.1/10 based on 7 votes

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