The Frank Matthews Story

The Frank Matthews Story

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In 1971, Frank Matthews first appeared on the police radar. It was actually a lucky break. It all began when an officer reported some unusual activity in his own apartment building in Brooklyn. He had observed a number of big cars driving in and out of the place, and every weekend all the parking places were taken up by cars with out of state plates. Investigations later revealed that the big cars belonged to the biggest drug dealers on the East Coast and the apartment belonged to Frank Matthews.

Once the feds set up the wiretaps, they realized that they had a huge operation on their hands. It was not an ordinary Brooklyn-based drug operation. The interesting thing is that nobody had ever heard of Matthews before even though he was making millions of dollars per year.

Frank Matthews was richer than Frank Lucas and more powerful than the Mafia. He had a huge network that supplied at least 21 states and extended to Venezuela where he had a French connection. Matthews has been identified as one of the largest, if not the largest, heroin dealer in the United States.

In the late 1960s and early 1970s crime had doubled, there was the Civil Rights Movement, Vietnam, and an increase in drug use. Add to all that a huge percentage of unemployed black men walking the streets, even though the economy was booming at the time. This is the world Frank Matthews took over and a river of money began to flow because the heroine business was good.

A lot of people looked up to Frank Matthews for all the wrong reasons. He was under 30 years old, was extremely bright, and had great leadership skills. He went straight to the source of heroine and bought them out. Had his wings not been clipped, he would have ruled the entire United States.

Rumor has it that Matthews was arrested, but he jumped bail and managed to flee the United States with fifteen to twenty million dollars. Frank Matthews has never been seen again and he has become sort of an urban legend.

Nearly four decades later, his fate continues to be a complete mystery. According to Mike Pizzi, a retired U.S. Marshall It’s as if Matthews dropped off the face of the earth. Pizzi was involved in the hunt for Matthews for several years.

This interesting film features rare archival footage along with interviews with many reputable sources and photos of Matthews that have never been made public before. Watch this now.

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Rating: 8.2/10 based on 9 votes

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