The Planets

The Planets

4 minutes 8.29/10 based on 7 votes

Episode 1: Different Worlds

A look at space travel and the latest planetary explorations.

Episode 2: Terra Firma

The story of the pioneering missions to our neighboring worlds.

Episode 3: Giants

Uncovers the secrets surrounding the massive planets in our Solar System.

Episode 4: Moon

The answer to one of the greatest mysteries of our Solar System – why does Earth have a moon?

Episode 5: Star

The latest scientific advances bring us a new perspective on the Sun.

Episode 6: Atmosphere

A fantastic voyage through the skies of the Solar System.

Episode 7: Life

A look at the very latest robotic explorations of other planets.

Episode 8: Destiny

How are the planets going to evolve over the next four billion years?

The documentary is only available for preview.

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8.29/10 (7 votes)

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