The Prey: Silence in the Name of God

The Prey: Silence in the Name of God

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Vatican City is the smallest independent state in the world. It’s located right in the heart of Rome. This arresting presence has deeply influenced Italy politically, socially, and economically and made the country the symbol of the Catholic Church.

However, the claims of pedophilia within the Catholic Church that rocked the world didn’t really cause much of an impact in Italy. Some experts believe that it’s due to the ‘culture of silence’ that has existed for thousands of years.

This film brings to light an issue that has been making a lot of people angry for decades as it explores the darkest secrets inside The Vatican.

Within the worldwide membership of the Catholic Church, there are at least 50 million children who participate wholeheartedly in the many activities that are organized by their congregations. Due to cultural dynamics, many of the parents of these young children who live in small towns usually see priests as father figures or guides and willingly allow their children to spend time with them alone; even sending them on camping trips and allowing them to have sleepovers in their quarters. After all, being in church is supposed to be safer than being on the streets. This level of respect that the community holds for priests make reporting abuse difficult because there is the tendency to not believe the victim.

In spite of this, all hell breaks loose behind the sacred walls as an astonishing amount of adult men and women all over the world began to tell their stories of being sexually abused repeatedly at the hands of their spiritual leaders.

One priest admits that there is a lot of sexual corruption even among the high ranking clergy. He states that very few priests adhere to the vow of celibacy. When Bishops receive reports that a priest has been misbehaving they simply move the priest to another town. It’s all handled in secrecy ‘for the good of the church’ and in order to avoid a scandal. This, of course, does not prevent future abuse and as a result there are reported cases of priests who abused children for decades while the diocese kept silence. A silence of conspiracy that not only allowed them to continue with this outrageous behavior, but robbed them of the opportunity of getting help for this problem.

Add to that the fact that no bishop has been penalized for having covered up the abuse and the picture becomes clearer: apparently nobody cares about finding solutions because the focus is on hiding the problems. Those clergy who report the bad behavior are seen as objectors or as seeking personal revenge.

Has The Vatican made any changes to its policy now that the news has spread? Find out now.

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Rating: 8.2/10 based on 5 votes

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