The Secret Life of Cats

The Secret Life of Cats

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You’ll never look at a purring, domestic kitty the same way after you’ve seen “The Secret Life of Cats.” Behind that cute little face and playful attitude is a passionless, efficient killer. The jungle lives inside your cat just as it does the 600 pound Bengal tiger. They both move in the same silent, predatory way. The claws of the tiger are no sharper than those of that sweet little creature who listens to your baby talk and plays with your finger. The shape of the teeth in a leopard match the fangs of a domestic cat. Sweet little Socks has the same instincts and the same natural predatory nature as the jaguar.

This documentary will show you the abilities Mother Nature gave your cat. They can run almost thirty miles an hour. Their night-vision, smell and scent abilities rival those of any predator in the world. They can jump the equivalent of thirty feet straight up and have an extraordinary ability to balance themselves on the ground and in the air. They leap, grab and kill as easily as you read the morning newspaper.

We’ve never dominated the cat. It’s the only animal who chose humans as their domestication partner rather than the other way around. They can’t be trained. They won’t be controlled. They love their human partners, but only on their terms. This film will show you how cats got in trouble during the Middle Ages. Cats lack cowering servitude. They face unwanted humans with calm disdain. It’s easy to see why people in that era believed cats were the companions of witches and burned some of them at the stake along with their owners.

Maybe the reason for the cat’s independence comes from their ability to live on their own. “The Secret Life of Cats” will show you what happens to areas where feral cats run loose. In the United States, they’ve hunted 33 species to extinction. The Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute considers cats in the wild to be the greatest threat to U.S. wildlife; responsible for the deaths of up to 3.7 billion birds and 20.7 billion mammals every year.

Watch the documentary and learn about the hidden side of that wonderful little ball of fur on your lap.

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Rating: 8.1/10 based on 97 votes

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