The Way of the Samurai

The Way of the Samurai

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Weaving a beautiful tapestry of compelling imagery, a traditional Japanese music score and an intriguing story line, The Way of the Samurai tells the story of a how Japan evolved from brutality to refinement. As much a story of the great Shogun Tokugawa Ieyasu as it is a story of the Japanese renaissance leading into the 19th century, it is a tale of honor and discipline, betrayal and mystery.

Beginning with the arrival of the first Europeans in Japan, coinciding with the privileged birth of Ieyasu, the story is set in motion amidst the methodical conversion efforts of Catholic missionaries.  The decision of Ieyasu’s father to unite forces with an opposing warlord, sends Ieyasu to be a prisoner as a token of trust to establish the alliance. It is during his childhood years of imprisonment that Ieyasu learns the way of the Samurai and begins to develop the innovative thinking that will result in the end of the traditional warring Samurai class.

A fierce and brutal warrior, Ieyasu was the epitome of the traditional Samurai and was celebrated for his courage and honor.  He matured into a dominant warlord in the turmoil that permeated Japan at the time and as his power increased, his non-traditional ideals began to emerge.  As Ieyasu gained more power, his evolution from warrior to strategist began to change the Samurai and Japan’s course forever.

Nearing the height of his power, Ieyasu became renowned not only for his discipline and bravery, but also for his patience and somewhat cautious demeanor, two traits that weren’t traditionally associated with the Samurai.  But these would be the very traits that would lead Ieyasu to eventually become the Shogun ruler of Japan and build a dynasty that would last for nearly 300 years.

Disguised as a lesson in history, the story presented here has all the elements that we enjoy in a good tale.  An imprisoned child rises to great power, changes an entire country and the course of history.

A story where morality battles ambition, where secret empires are rife with betrayal and murder, a story of one man who breaks the chains of deep tradition and puts an end to hundreds of years of bloodshed.  The story is intriguing enough, but the contrast of brutality and beauty, and their eventual union, is what brings this story to life.

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Rating: 8.3/10 based on 11 votes

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