Unrepentant: Kevin Annett and Canada’s Genocide

Unrepentant: Kevin Annett and Canada’s Genocide

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There’s a passage in the bible found in Deuteronomy 7, which was directly spoken to the Israelites. The passage states that when they entered a land to possess it, the people of that land were to be completely destroyed and shown no mercy. Complete destruction involved wiping out any trace of their existence including their history, culture, and beliefs. Religious groups who defend and practice genocide all over the world have used this passage in the Old Testament as justification for their crimes against humanity.

This award-winning documentary reveals one of Canada’s darkest secrets. For many decades the country engaged in what is now recognized as the deliberate extermination of indigenous peoples. This, along with the theft of their land was all done under the guise of religion. The danger of religion is that it allows people to commit heinous crimes without a shred of remorse.

Kevin Annett arrived in Alberni in the spring of 1992. During his first year working in that community he determined to find out why there were no indigenous people in his congregation even though they made up a third of the population. What he discovered was inconceivable.

When this former minister blew the whistle on what he witnessed in his own church, word got out about the atrocities that had been going on in Canada for many years: thousands of indigenous children were murdered or tortured at the church-operated Indian Residential Schools.

In this documentary you will listen to many testimonies from former students at these residential schools. The survivors are all adults now, but the pain caused by the trauma they had to endure remains even if half a century has gone by. The stories they share will cause you to wonder how a system that teaches about a God of love could hurt innocent children in such cold blood. Children were raped, tied to beds, electrocuted, drugged, burned, stabbed, beaten, and killed all in the name of ‘correction’.

When Kenneth Annett spoke up he was fired, de-frocked, and abandoned by his family. He was also falsely accused of a number of crimes and his reputation suffered greatly. Yet he persisted because he was convinced that he had been called for this. So in 2001 he self-published a book titled Hidden from History: The Canadian Holocaust. In 2005 he expanded in a second edition in which he asked why this had occurred and why it was allowed to continue. Kevin Annett paid a terrible price because he decided to be human. Watch this documentary now.

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