We Need to Talk About Islam

We Need to Talk About Islam

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Does freedom of speech give the right to offend? And who determines exactly which religious groups the media gets to make fun of?

It’s definitely true that many profess to ascribe to a certain creed, yet their behavior is contradictory to the philosophy upheld by said belief system. We can’t judge an entire religion or race based on the mistakes of a few of its members. Therefore it’s unfair that when acts of terror or other crimes are committed, that are in no way motivated by the religious system to which the terrorists belong, the first thing the media advertises is their religion or their race. This is one of the reasons why there is so much misunderstanding and generalizations regarding people who are simply different to the norm.

However, an honest look at the beliefs of Islam begs the question: is this belief system really as peaceful as it’s followers claim it to be? Why are Muslims appear less tolerant to criticism compared to other religious groups? Why do they find the need to constantly defend themselves and to demand special treatment that isn’t really given to any other religion? The documentary brilliantly separates anti-Muslim bigotry from the real problems in Islam.

This is a film that’s very easy to watch and gets straight to the point. It may even get you to reconsider your views on Islam.

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Rating: 8.8/10 based on 14 votes

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