Welcome to Mars

Welcome to Mars

55 minutes 8.6/10 based on 24 votes

Meet Spirit and Opportunity. They look like WALL-E. They are exploring Mars – something that people in 1969 thought we would have done by now in person. Welcome to Mars. NOVA takes us where no man has gone before. Literally. The red planet is similar in size to Earth. It isn’t light years away. The ground is solid and there are signs – at least hints – of ancient life. If humanity is going to adopt a second homeland: this is our first stop, after the moon. The documentary shows the intense landing, the months of frustrating delays, lost communication, and then triumph. The discoveries have rocked scientists from Huston to Beijing.  They must work feverishly to reestablish communication with the gear. When they do, they discover that Mars was once flooded by water. Water: the building block for life. This discovery means that there may have once been life on Mars. In fact, we might come from mars. Science fiction meets reality.

The excitement at NASA is palpable.  This is cutting edge science at its very best.

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Rating: 8.6/10 based on 24 votes

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