Who Killed the Maya?

Who Killed the Maya?

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A powerful civilization ruled the rainforests of Central America for thousands of years, and then mysteriously vanished. Historians have never known for sure what triggered their disappearance, although many have speculated about it. This documentary is about The Maya: one of the greatest empires that history has ever known.

Best known for their bold and impressive architecture, which is still evident in hundreds of limestone pyramids and temples, this civilization had already developed a complex written code while Europe was still submerged in the Dark Ages. Historians are impressed with the accuracy with which The Maya were able to predict astronomical changes and events. They even went so far as coming up with the exact date for their creation.

German epigrapher and author Nikolai Grube, along with a team of archeologists, is finding important answers in the most remote places. He has been able to decipher the messages found in the many Mayan drawings that were carved in rocks and stones by cracking the code of Mayan hieroglyphs.

When the Spanish arrived in Central America in the early 1500s, they found thousands of Mayan temples and elaborate drawings. Because of their staunch Catholic background, they immediately thought this was the work of the Devil and forced destruction upon what this culture had worked so hard to create and preserve.

Current archeological evidence points to genocide, the work of dark warlords, and a warrior princess who was formidable enough to lead armies to war in a male dominated society. This one woman threatened the very foundation of a civilization that spread from Mexico, through Belize, Guatemala and Honduras. Born in the late 7th century in a town called Dos Pilas, this young woman was well aware that her role was to set up a new dynasty. She was both physically and mentally strong because there’s evidence that she even outlived her children, one of who became her passport to serious authority. Like other Maya leaders, this woman known as Lady Six Sky left a detailed record of her actions. This record has given historians many clues into what were the events that led up to the Apocalypse.

Why a 2000 year-old sophisticated civilization disappeared so suddenly, has been one of the world’s greatest enigmas. But little by little archeologists and historians are uncovering clues that are pointing out the answers that have been hidden for hundreds of years. Watch this documentary now.

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