Yoga, Inc

Yoga, Inc

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Yoga’s history stretches back centuries. Written appearances of its practice have been found in spiritual Hindu texts dating back to over 1400 years before the common era. Through the ages, yoga practitioners have been dedicating their lives to attain yoga’s ultimate goal: “to develop self-awareness to the point of liberation.”

But wait, that’s for the hippies. Today, yoga has transformed from an ancient spiritual practice into a competitive, commercialized, multi-million dollar industry, making some people very rich.

Yoga has evolved into something very different than the ancient yogis could have ever dreamed of. You can now find hot nude yoga for men, yoga for getting close Jesus, and even yoga to cure your cancer. While the business of yoga is thriving the purists are wondering if yoga can remain spiritual and true to its roots while making many people rich. Big name yoga studios are popping up all over the place and putting the smaller studios out of business. There are even those that are attempting to ‘own’ yoga with copyrights and legal threats.

Yoga has become big business, but can it survive with its good karma intact?

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Rating: 7.5/10 based on 19 votes

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