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This full-length documentary brings to the light a situation that remains virtually unknown to many Americans, and it’s the fact that for the first time in almost ten years, homelessness is on the rise.  Affordable housing is hard to find and many young families have been suffering the consequences of this. As difficult as it seems, still some people are able to find the help and the support that they need.

Covenant House is one of the many places that offer support to its residents. Regardless of the condition in which they arrive, the staff is committed to loving them and protecting them. The shelter is open to runaway, homeless, and at-risk kids. Most are between the ages of 16 to 22 and about 70% to 80% have been physically or sexually abused. Many are suffering from some form of posttraumatic stress disorder or profound trauma.

Some of the residents struggle with mental issues such as schizophrenia, depression, bipolar disorder, and anxiety. These are accompanied by sadness, rage, and the profound feelings of abandonment that often spike emotional illness. The tendency is to evaluate themselves harshly to the point of only focusing on the negative aspects on the inside.

Covenant house offers more than just a bed to sleep on; the shelter also includes clothing, food, and counseling. The residents receive guidance to help them develop job skills and be able to take care of themselves after they leave the shelter.

Sadly, a lot of the young people arrive with a chip on their shoulders and their anger is misdirected to the point that they are unable to accept the help that is offered to them.

Long after society and even their own families have given up on them, the staff at Covenant Home continues to believe that miracles still happen and that a little acceptance can go a long way

“A real human being really needs love. Everything else comes after that… otherwise you’re going to be physically hurt and mentally and spiritually hurt”, said one resident. He speaks the truth.

The staff at Covenant Home vows to love the kids unconditionally as their own and to treat them with the love and respect that they deserve but have not been treated with. Covenant Home is about practicing the Gospel regardless of which denomination the staff or residents might adhere to. Watch this thought provoking film now.

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9.00/10 (13 votes)

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