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What one woman's 25-year gambling addiction really cost

Poker machines first appeared in Australian pubs in 1992. At first, everyone saw them as harmless mechanical toys– videogames. Nobody was prepared for the effect the ‘pokies’ would have on the lives of so many. 

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2020: A Covid Space Odyssey

When you’re in space looking down on the Earth it fills you with a strange sensation about your place in the world.

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Nobody expected the next big global shared experience to be such a negative one. It has been a challenging and sad time for many, as most of us have had to deal with the loss of people we know or love.

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Brain Matters

Why are some children able to thrive and make their dreams come true, while others aren’t? Is it up to fate?

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We Heard the Bells

The Influenza of 1918

In 1918, children all around the world and of all cultures were orphaned in a matter of months as around 50 million men and women died due to influenza.

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Nowt But a Fleeting Thing

A Young Farmer's Fight for Survival

The suicide rate among farmers is almost double that of the rest of the population. This should not really come as a surprise considering the fact that a farmer’s work just goes on and on for hours without any rest.

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The shipbreakers have a special prayer that they dedicate to the goddess Kali in the place where they live— the place where ships go to die.

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The Art of Effortless Living

We suffer because we become attached to the past. We live on our memories that then shape our future. The concept of past and future is only important to the intellect because it gives the individual a sense of control over what is going on in his or her life.

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Searching for Meaning

Death is a natural part of living.  Every single one of us will die at some point. As somebody pointed out ‘none of us will survive; it’s just a matter of when and how we will die’.

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The Waiting Room

Imagine going for a regular mammogram and then getting called to go back in for deeper examination. Then imagine having to hear your doctor tell you that he’s 90% sure that the results show a tumor and it’s breast cancer.

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Buyers Club

the network providing people with affordable hepatitis C medicine

Hepatitis C is a chronic viral infection that can cause fatal liver disease. Around 71 million people worldwide suffer from this condition.

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Inside Chernobyl

In 1986, an explosion occurred at the Chernobyl nuclear facility in the Ukraine. It is considered to be the most devastating nuclear power plant accident in history.

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A Wish Filled Summer

Fauvé suffers from an incurable neuro-muscular disease. She can’t walk because her legs are too weak to carry the weight of her body.

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The Botanist

Many difficulties came about as a result of the collapse of The Soviet Union in December of 1991. This dissolution gave rise to 15 independent states, including Tajikistan.

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Run Mama Run

In 2012,  Sarah Michelle Bowman Brown had an injury and fell short of making the Olympic team. She had prepared for four years and then suddenly everything changed.

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The Monsanto Papers

Glyphosate was originally patented by Monsanto and branded as Roundup—a powerful weed killer. Today it’s the most widely used herbicide around the world.

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Science Moms

This is a short documentary about some mothers who demand that all decisions made regarding the wellbeing of one’s children be completely based on scientific facts and not on popular trends.

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What You Eat Matters

This is a film about how the consequences of our choices aren’t limited only to us.  Since we all share this planet we are all affected by the decisions others make.

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The Butterfly Child

Imagine being in so much pain that you can even feel it in your sleep. Imagine that pain never ever going away, not even for a minute.

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Truth in Media

Big Pharma, the FDA, and Medical Propaganda

Big Pharma exerts a powerful influence over the media, doctors, and all of us. They employ many tactics and strategies in order to keep making hundreds of millions of dollars by withholding valuable information from the public.

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Fuming Felix

How Decades of Illegal Dumping Poisoned Italian Land and People

Campania is a scenic region located in southwestern Italy. The place is famous for the historic city of Naples, Mount Vesuvius, and its mouth-watering food..

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The Darker Side of America’s Mental Health

People who are struggling with depression are usually willing to do whatever it takes to find some relief. Many people believe that pharmaceutical companies prey on this to be able to sell more medicine and hence make more money.

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Code Therapy

Code Therapy is a documentary that explores how technology can give relief to those who suffer from mental health issues. It’s a relatively new field that has blossomed in the last few years.

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Johnny Physical Lives

Jonathan Adam Neuman began dreaming about becoming a rock star back in the days of the mix tapes. He loved listening to Buddy Holly’s songs.

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