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No Ball Games

Life and Play through the Eyes of Children across the UK

When the government decided to cut the budget destined for youth services in England and Wales by 70%, it did not mean the end of enjoyment.

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Nests of Gold

Who knew that the secret to longevity was to eat birds nests? Both young and old men in the Philippines risk their lives every day climbing rocks in dark caves to get these nests.

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Quilt Fever

Every year, thousands of quilters travel to Paducah, Kentucky to participate in its annual quilt competition. During that week the small town’s population is doubled and everybody knows it’s because the quilters are in town.

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The Lost Rambos

How guns and Hollywood changed tribal disputes in Papua New Guinea

The tribes living in the Engan region are known in Papua New Guinea as the ones responsible for a lot of the fighting and killing that’s going on.

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South of Clouds

China’s ethnic diversity is one of the country’s best-kept secrets, but the cultural gems that these little known groups offer is beyond words.

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The Derby

The Kentucky Derby is the fastest two minutes in sports. It always falls on the first Saturday of May. The Derby means different things to different people; it all depends on each individual’s perspective.

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That’s My Jazz

Growing up as the son of a famous jazz musician had its perks. As a young boy Milt Abel II remembers getting an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the life of an entertainer.

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American Psychosis

According to author and activist Chris Hedges, most people have no concept about how fragile our environment really is. He believes there’s an emotional incapacity to understand collapse even when it’s facing us.

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Skip Day

Every year on the Monday after prom, high school seniors in the Florida Everglades skip school and drive to the beach to spend the day together.

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In St. Louis crime rates have gone up and population has gone down. But the decrease in traffic has shone the spotlight on a new scene that seems to be injecting the city with some much needed life: stunt riding.

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Borneo Death Blow

The Penan, a tribe of nomadic hunter-gatherers, live in the jungle of Borneo, Malaysia. They’re known for their survival skills and for tajem—the deadly poison on their blowpipe hunting darts.

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In Juchitán, Mexico, muxes are children who were identified as boys at birth but who are chosen from a very young age to become girls.

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A Burning Man Film

It has been called a social experiment, but Burning Man is so much more than that. It’s even much more than a week-long desert party.

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Moving Sounds

Documentary about a musician who cycled from UK to Mali

When he was 19, Ed Wade-Martins spent a few years living in Africa. That experience has led him back on numerous occasions.

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Sand Men

Three men: Neculai Marin, Aurel Barbu, and Raj Hurdui leave their native Romania in search for a better life elsewhere. They leave behind more than only memories; walking away from everything that is familiar can be very difficult at times.

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“Only love begets love. Hatred and violence can only beget hatred and violence.” These thought-provoking words were penned by José Martí, a Cuban national hero and an important figure in Latin America literature.

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What is Consciousness? What is Its Purpose?

One of the most important decisions we make very early in life is to determine whether we live in a friendly or a hostile universe.

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Mount Umunhum proudly stands 3,486 feet tall between San Jose, California and the Pacific Ocean. It is a sacred place for the tribal bands and indigenous people who live in the region.

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Forgotten Bird of Paradise

West Papua lies 250 Km north of Australia. For over 45 years the people who live there have been fighting against the Indonesian military.

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When somebody dares to go against the established norms in a culture, they become an easy target for criticism, judgment, and even death.

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The city of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil has over 1,000 poor neighborhoods that are infested by drugs and violence. These places are like small cities and they are called favelas.

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The Virgins

Albania’s Sworn Virgins Who Pursue A True Man’s Path

An ancient practice that can be traced all the way back to medieval times continues to baffle all who hear about it.

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Bride Trade

Fighting Tanzania's Child Bride Tradition

Even though it’s against the law to marry underage girls in Tanzania, many parents continue to follow the ancient tradition. This means that they give their daughters as young as 11 or 12 in marriage to men who are much older, sometimes more than three times their age.

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From the Bronx to Yale

The Power of High Sschool Speech

Society loves labels. You get labeled because of your sex, race, religious beliefs, and even what neighborhood you grew up in.

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