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The Nature of Ayahuasca

It seems like the Western world has become captivated by ayahuasca, particularly in the last ten years or so. Ayahuasca is a traditional indigenous medicinal tea made from leaves of certain plants, which can have powerful psychedelic and entheogenic effects.

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This film takes the viewer on a trip to visit production landscapes, shipyards, and factories in China to unveil the secret world of the objects we use on a daily basis.

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Global Junk Food

For the last twenty years, Indian cities have been enhanced by the arrival of American-style shopping centers filled with Western brands.

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By The River

Varanasi is considered the holiest of the seven sacred cities in India. According to Hindu scriptures, if you die in Varanasi and get cremated along the Holy Ganges River, you break the cycle of rebirth and are liberated.

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Bitcoin: The End of Money as We Know It

We spend much of our lives chasing money to make a living and accomplish our dreams, but at the same time, it can be an instrument of destruction because it drives many to steal, lie, cheat, and even murder.

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Journey to the Pale Red Dot

A discovery of historic significance was made while searching for planets beyond our Solar System. It was a planet a little larger than Earth and it was seen orbiting a red dwarf star known as Proxima Centauri.

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The Lost Estrellas of Nasca

The Nasca lines are some of the most intriguing mysteries of ancient Peru. Thousands of geometric shapes and spirals have been drawn on the desert surface for unknown purposes.

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In Search of a Flat Earth

The search began when somebody made a video of the coastline of lake Winnewanka indicating that the water clearly had no curvature and hence was proof that the Earth is flat.

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Life in a Day 2020

In 2010 people from all around the world were asked to film their lives and answer a few questions. The result was an interesting film that gave us a deeper insight into how people in other countries can be so different and yet so similar.

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Voyage of Curiosity

A Martian Chronicle

In order to find out if life has ever existed on Mars scientists set a bold goal. They wanted to know if the planet was safe now for exploration.

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The Age of A.I.

Technology is advancing faster than ever before and it seems that we are at the dawn of a new age– the age of Artificial Intelligence.

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Bright Lights

What one woman's 25-year gambling addiction really cost

Poker machines first appeared in Australian pubs in 1992. At first, everyone saw them as harmless mechanical toys– videogames. Nobody was prepared for the effect the ‘pokies’ would have on the lives of so many. 

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Venus: Death of a Planet

Billions of years ago, Venus may have had life-giving habitats similar to those that were once familiar on early Earth. Today, however, its surface is a fossil of volcanic destruction hiding beneath a dense toxic atmosphere.

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The french resistance fighter confronting facism

Colette has been nominated for an Academy Award (2021) in the category of best documentary short. 90-year-old Colette Marin-Catherine is a former French resistance fighter.

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Navigating one of Britain’s most elite institutions is no easy feat. It can become even more intense if you don’t blend into the crowd.

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The Wolf Dividing Norway

There is a high level of conflict between environmentalists and those opposed to wolves. Farmers are allegedly losing large percentages of their flocks to wolves, but on the other hand, the wolves are considered an endangered species and there are those demanding their protection.

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Childhood 2.0

The Living Experiment

Hundreds of years ago, families lived in extended communities in which people worked together to make sure everybody was taken care of.

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In 1994 the Zapatista national liberation army rose up against the Mexican government in an attempt to reclaim indigenous lands. The Mexican army and paramilitaries launched an offensive against indigenous groups that had sided with the Zapatistas.

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2020: A Covid Space Odyssey

When you’re in space looking down on the Earth it fills you with a strange sensation about your place in the world.

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The Seeker

The search for truth led one man into the Amish community, and the end of that search led him back out.

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No Ball Games

Life and Play through the Eyes of Children across the UK

When the government decided to cut the budget destined for youth services in England and Wales by 70%, it did not mean the end of enjoyment.

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Amazon Empire

The Rise and Reign of Jeff Bezos

After breaking the retail frontier, Jeff Bezos started laying plans to colonize the planets. In May of 2019, he unveiled his latest invention: Blue Moon.

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K2 and the Invisible Footmen

Mountain climbing requires exceptional physical strength because it relies entirely on that. It’s an extreme sport that’s also somewhat of a gamble between life and death.

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Daisy Chain

Can a Cornish Town Adapt to Survive another Lockdown?

In March 2020 when the first reports about the new virus started to spread, there was little guarantee that a total lockdown would be of any use.

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