After Windrush

After Windrush

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After paying taxes for 37 years, Paulette Wilson got a letter stating that she was an illegal immigrant. The letter shocked her to the core because for the first time in her life she had absolutely no idea who she was or where she belonged. She had moved to England at the age of 10 back in the late 60s to live with her grandparents, and now at 62 she had simply always assumed that she was British.

Thousands of citizens of British colonies or newly independent commonwealth countries were invited by the British government to settle in the country and remain there indefinitely. That’s what was stamped on their passports, but it was a false promise.

Paulette was detained for six days and told during that time that she would have to pack up her belongings and leave the country because she was being deported. Paulette was just one of the thousands who were wrongfully misclassified as illegal immigrants in the Windrush Scandal.

Apparently the whole mess awoke a deep desire inside of Paulette, and after 50 years, she decided to go back home to Jamaica. When she left at the age of 10, she was aware that she was leaving many siblings behind, as she was the eldest. The realization that she had missed out on a lot of her identity for being so far was overwhelming.
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10.00/10 (4 votes)

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