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What future do you want to see? That is the theme of Connected, a film that aims to make us question the way our society functions on a global level. The filmmakers, a husband and wife duo, decided to embark on a year long journey across Europe in a caravan along with their children with the goal of connecting with others to discuss the key issues that shape our collective future. After all, all of humanity shares one planet so it behooves us to work together as one. We must learn how to reconnect.

If we were to fast forward to identify the issues future generations will be ashamed of, one of the biggest things would be how we allowed poverty to exist and to destroy so many lives for so long when it could have been easily ended. Because of the level of economical inequality in our world today, we could eradicate all poverty without putting the planet under any additional stress. For example, just to meet the food needs of the 850 million people who are presently starving would take less than 1% of the world’s current food supply. With only $60 billion per year, poverty could become a thing of the past.

When it comes to strategic change, what’s needed is a holistic perspective. One important issue cannot be dealt with isolated from others because the same people are affected by different problems at the same time. For instance, when it comes to environmental troubles, many people believe that politics is standing in the way of change. But politicians will move in the direction that their citizens demand of them. Change, therefore, rests with the people. What this means is that people have at least three options if they intend to see change: first, they can join one of the thousands of environmentalist organization that currently exist; second, as consumers they can deliberately choose to buy green goods and to only do business with companies that are friendly towards the environment; and third, they can pay closer attention to whom they are voting into office.

Connected is a film that shows the real urgency for everyone to get seriously involved. Our responsibility doesn’t end at our border; we are responsible for every other human being on planet earth. Therefore, if change is to take place, it’s going to require that all of us get moving in order to secure a sustainable and fair world for future generations to inherit. Watch this documentary now. Realize that even as ordinary individuals, we have the power to change the world.

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8.64/10 (11 votes)

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