Few Words: A Candide Thovex Film

Few Words: A Candide Thovex Film

60 minutes 2015 9.40/10 based on 10 votes

This award winning film tells the story of one of the world’s most accomplished skiers: Candide Thovex. Born in France in 1982, Candide has won numerous contests and accolades from a very young age. He is also a talented filmmaker and an entrepreneur, these days. His friends admit that Candide has got this mystique about him that’s just part of who he is. There are actually very few ways to learn about him; you have to do it through his sporting achievements and by looking at how he interacts with his skis.

The film offers impressive footage of majestic snowcapped mountains and slopes. The vastness becomes much more apparent when you see a tiny figure moving gracefully at death-defying speed, becoming one with the beauty of the glorious elevations and the immaculate sky.

His parents describe him as a very active little boy when he was a child. He was always climbing and jumping off furniture. He learned skiing at the age of two and almost immediately found out that he was in his element. Soon after that, he began competing and then enrolled in acrobatic skiing classes.

Candide Thovex became an Olympic hope for his country because he was incredibly gifted and won everything. He could ski like no one else— even as a young child he was amazing at freestyle.

Candide always wanted to push himself and to go further, so it comes as no surprise that after he saw the tricks snowboarders could do, he decided to try them on his skis.

Nothing he ever does is small. Even if it’s the end of the day and he’s worn out, you can be sure that he will give 110%. It’s amazing to watch him go big and do something that nobody else has ever done before.

Watch this amazing film now.

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9.40/10 (10 votes)

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